Thursday, July 4, 2013

Review For Japanese Eyelashes D.U.P 914

D.U.P eyelashes are great for a more natural look.  This one, number 914 is actually 80% brown 20% black, which makes it looks even more natural. Since the eyelash is the type which is more full on the side than on the center, it aims to elongate your eyes. If you are looking for something that makes your eyes round and big, this is not the one. 

It is light and the thread that holds the eyelashes is rather thin and soft so you won't feel it poking your eyes. That said, after 15 minutes I can't even feel a thing in my eyes. I am serious, It's just so comfortable to wear. I think it completes a look when you want to open your eyes and makes it appear longer but not want to shock people with huge scary obvious eyelashes. 

Verdict : 4 and half stars. 

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