Thursday, July 4, 2013

Lavender Oil Review for Acne and Pimple

I have to admit I'm obsessed with clear skin. All those years of fighting skin problems, flaring angry pustules cystic acne, blackhead, whitehead and acne scars. It took me 3 years to control my acne (acne battle is never over, you still have to care your skin even after it is controlled). I believe there is no magic under the sky that can cure Acne. Everything that promises magic is bogus. Acne is something that has to be treated with patience, with the right product for your skin, a real dermatologist (if you can afford one) and huge self-reassurance. I also suggest to not easily believe acne cure myths (e.g. toothpaste). Those myths will only turn what's bad to worse. Believe me, been there done that. 

We have to be smart, knowing exactly what ingredients is inside the product we decide to slap on our face. You also have to give it time for approximately minimum of 3 months to see the results. Yes, that is right people; we need 3 months to really know whether that product really did give your skin what it needs. There are processes for everything and for me 3 months is the ideal period to really check and understand the result of a product. There is no such thing as 3-day acne cure miracle. 

During my period of acne product craziness, one of products that I love is lavender oil. A really good friend who has been working as beauty therapist for 10 years in Hong Kong suggested me to try it. She told me it has this antiseptic characteristic, reduce acne, heal and diminish scars (something like skin renewal). For me though, the result is more to healing my scars than preventing acne. My dermatologist always tells me to never pop your acne or you will get ice-peak scarring. But I just can’t resist myself and popping your acne also speed up the recovery, so why not? My whole face was covered with severe acne for a year and now I have no ice peak scarring at all. I believe that one of the reasons behind that is the lavender oil I use. Plus, it soothes my nerves, I love how the aromatherapy scent calms me. What I do is I mix a little drop of that oil (100% pure lavender oil) into my night moisturizer. Don’t overdo it. One little drop is enough!

I know there is no real proven research that shows lavender oil actually does what it did to my skin. Some even says it causes irritation. Nevertheless, I truly believe that it works on my skin. The result can differ from one person to another, but If you have tried everything and it did not work, sure there is no harm in trying this. Good luck.

Verdict : 4 stars. One star off because it did not really prevent acne.

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