Saturday, July 6, 2013

Nude Natural Mineral Cover Review

I like mineral foundation; they make me feel less guilty slapping make up on my skin. I felt they were nicer to my skin than regular foundation and powders. It says on the website that Nude is toxin, paraben and chemical free. I believe them, because my skin is sensitive and acne prone, yet after using them for 3 years it never broke me out.

There are 2 mineral powders brand that don’t break me out. The one that I use more and more is Nude by Nature. I think we got a pretty good amount for the price AUD$ 39.90 since it would last from 6 months to 7 months used everyday. It gives me a medium coverage, which is perfect for an everyday make up. It does settle to my skin after a couple of hours, but it could be because I am super oily and I live in Indonesia which is very hot and humid. It does not control oil, if you are oily, I suggest using a primer underneath or blot. It doesn’t have a great staying power, if I use it for more than 6 hours; only 50% of it still stays on afterwards. They have 5 color range now, which is a good improvement from only light, medium and dark. I use to use their brush, which is pretty good and soft, but have since 6 months ago switch into a puff. Using a puff give a softer smoother finish than the brush. The brush tends to leave streaks of powder and weirdly accentuates your pores. A puff on the other hand will diminish your pores (for 2 hours before it melts).

Verdict: 3 and half star for the medium coverage and natural ingredients. Less star because of the short staying power.

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